Time in jazz

Paolo Fresu, Time in Jazz

The Time in Jazz event was born in 1988. Since 1997, its chairman and artistic director has beenPaolo Fresu, trumpet player and jazz composer amongst the most appreciated ones at nationaland international level. According to Paolo Fresu, music is not only show, but also research,experimentation, rediscovery and comparison with other music and cultures.
The traditional venue of the festival, were the evening performance is held, is the piazza delPopolo in Berchidda, but - for several years - do the artists of Time in Jazz perform concerts andshows - from sunrise to sunset - along the streets and squares of the village, as well as in the smallcountryside churches of the neighboring villages.

Time in Jazz represents and actual example of cultural integration, since it hosts artists of all faithsand all races. As it is underlined in the festival manifesto, which was drafted by Fresu in 1998,Time in Jazz è "is a festival which believes in the propensity of jazz, a dynamic music in evolution -to open - by its own nature - towards the world through its geographic and stylistic interweaving ".

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