Settimana Santa di Santu Lussurgiu

La processione della Settimana Santa di Santu Lussurgiu

The rites of the Holy week start on Palm Sunday, with the blessing and distribution to the people ofthe intertwined palms and branches of olive tree.
On Holy Tuesday, in the church of Santa Croce, the homonymous brotherhood organizes therepresentation of Su Nazarenu (Jesus Christ at the column), the Stations of the Cross, accompaniedby the melodies of Miserere and Novena.On Holy Wednesday, the confraternita del Rosario takes charge of the preparation of the sacredimage of Jesus Christ dead on the Cross and of all the objects which shall be used for next day'sceremony. The Compagnia delle Prioresse dresses the statue of Our Lady of Sorrow.
The afternoon of Maundy Thursday is dedicated to the preparation of the table for the Ceremony ofthe Lavabo (washing of the feet).At the end of the mass, the procession with the sacred image of Our Lady of Sorrow, carriedby the confraternita del Carmine, starts from the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli (SuCunventu). Inside the parish church, the confraternita del Rosario prepares the space for the rite ofIncravamentu (Crucifixion): also this ceremony is accompanied by versicles of the Miserere. Thesacred representation end with a strophe of the Novena.
During the afternoon of Good Friday, the stretcher is prepared with the flowers and the candles, thetray with the hammers and tongs for S'Iscravamentu (deposition from the cross) and the Prioresseare in charge of the dressing, preparing the colored bands, which are accurately rolled up.A procession accompanied by the versicles of the Miserere starts from the church of Santa Mariadegli Angeli, with the stretcher of the Dead Jesus Christ surrounded by four brothers.The parade arrives to the parish church, where the choir sings the strophes of the Novena, duringthe representation of the deposition of Jesus Christ.At the end of the rite, the brothers (Cunfrades) of Santa Croce move in procession towards thechurch of Santa Maria degli Angeli, carrying the ladders, the nails, the stretcher with the Dead JesusChrist and the lamps, which are now lit; it is followed by the sacred image of the Virgin, carried bythe brotherhood of Madonna Addolorata. Once they reach the church, the Dead Jesus Christ andthe Madonna are exposed to the worship of the crowd.
The Hoy Saturday is dedicated to the dressing of the sacred images of the Madonna and of theResurrected Jesus Christ: the former has a light blue dress and - on her head - a small silver crownwhich covers half of the sacred image; the Resurrected Jesus Christ has a garland of flowers on hishead, with a white veil. Both the sacred images shall be uncovered at the moment of the ceremonyof S’Incontru.
The rite of S'Incontru, which recalls the first meeting of the Resurrected Jesus Christ with theMadonna.The brotherhoods del Rosario and del Carmine lead the procession of the sacred image of the

Madonna with their own banners starting from the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, whilst thebrotherhoods of Addolorata and Santa Croce, with the sacred image of the Resurrected Jesus Christgather in the parish churchHere the parish priest sings the melody Regina Coeli, and the brothers remove the veils from theMadonna and Jesus Christ; the rites end with the celebration of the solemn mass in the church of the Monastery, accompanied by the choir melodies of su Cuncordu ' and su Rosariu.

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