Settimana Santa di Orosei

Una delle confraternite durante i riti della Settimana Santa

During the celebrations of the Holy Week, all the Orosei's churches are decorated with flowers,palms, branches of olive trees and with the characteristic nenneros, i.e. the plates where grains ofwheat or legumes are made to germinate in the dark, so that they form blades of light colored grass.

The white tunics of the three brotherhoods animate the streets of the village in the two mainprocessions of the Holy Week, namely: Su Brossolu on Good Friday, whose protagonists are theSorrowful Virgin and Jesus Christ deposited from the Cross; whilst on Sunday morning, at thefoot of the basalt stairway, of the main village church, S'Incontru, i.e. the meeting between theResurrected Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary, occurs. The sadness of Friday's rites is opposed to themerriment of Sunday's celebrations, which occur amongst the exultance of the crowd, accompaniedby the Magnificat, which is performed by the local polyphonic choir, Su Concordu.

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