Settimana Santa di Oliena

Canto a tenore, Oliena

The most important rite of Easter in Oliena is S’Incontru, a rite which this community hands downyear after year with renovated enthusiasm.Several processions deploy in the streets of the village on Easter morning, where the statue of theMadonna dressed in mourning clothes symbolically goes to look for her son. The two statues, i.e.the one of the Madonna covered with golden votive offerings and the one of Jesus Christ, whosebanner is bejeweled, exit respectively the church of San Francesco di Paola and the one of SantaCroce. The worshippers accompany the procession dressed in their traditional costumes: Thewomen show dresses rich in silk and golden and silver yarns; the men wear sa berritta and sucarcione, i.e. the black coarse woolen skirt over the white cloth trousers.
Before the meeting between the resurrected Jesus Christ and the Madonna, the crowd sets onboth sides of the parade and people shoot salvos from the balconies to celebrate. Just before thetwo parades meet, absolute silence is made. The parish priest is at the center of the square andthe bearers f the statues make three genuflections (sos indrinucones): if the two groups bowsimultaneously, this will be considered a good omen for the abundance of the harvest.

A cane taken in procession shall be used to remove the mourning veil from the Madonna, to showthe light blue dress which manifests the joy of Resurrection.Once the meeting is made, more salvos are shot and the bells ring, including the ones of the churchof Santa Maria, which remain silent throughout the year. In The square, the two parades join to thenaim towards the church of Sant'Ignazio, where the mass shall be celebrated.

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