Settimana Santa di Iglesias

Iglesias, i riti della Settimana Santa

During the Holy Week in Iglesias, the references and atmospheres of the Iberian culture andinfluences are quite obvious. The protagonist of Holy Tuesday procession is the Arciconfraternita
del Santo Monte. The brothers, who are also called (from the Spanish Hermanos), wear a starchedwhite dress decorated with black bows, parade with sa visiera (the hood) which covers their visage.Holy Tuesday includes the procession of the Mysteries with the 7 sacred images which recall thepassion of Jesus Christ. These sacred images are taken on the shoulders by is Baballottis (fromCampidanese Sardinian baballotti, "small animals"), people of all ages who participate to theprocession, wearing a white dress and whose head is covered by sa visiera, which hides theirvisage.
The processione al Monte, which reminds the ascension to the Calvary, deploys in theneighborhood of Sa Costera in the morning of Maundy Thursday. A private ritual amongst thebrothers, S'Iscravamentu (the deposition from the cross) is performed inside the small church ofSan Michele. The statue of Jesus Christ is deposited on a stretcher (sa lettera), which is night bluecolored with golden engravings. In the evening, at about 8.00 p.m., the event continues with theprocession of the Descenso, the representation of Jesus' funeral.The Resurrected Jesus Christ enters the cathedral during the night of the Saturday, accompaniedby the singing of Gloria. The morning of Easter Sunday, the brotherhood of San Giuseppe, deploystwo processions: one starts from the church of San Giuseppe with the sacred image of the Madonnaand the young people who represent Magdalene and Saint John, the other one from the cathedralwith the Resurrected Jesus Christ.

The two processions follow different itineraries until they meet (Su Incontru) in the space betweenVia Gramsci and Piazza Sella. The two groups bow three times as long as they come closer, to formonly one procession which leads to the cathedral, where a mass shall be celebrated.The procession of S'inserru is deployed the evening of the Tuesday after Easter, after the CapitularyMass in the cathedral: only one procession, which then doubles with three bows and threesalutations as the sacred images of the Resurrected Jesus Christ and the Madonna move further tobe then accompanied respectively to the church of San Francesco to the one of Giuseppe

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