Settimana Santa di Cuglieri

Settimana Santa di Cuglieri, un momento della processione

Through the rites of the Holy Week, organized by the 5 Brotherhoods, the village of Cuglieri recallsthe events of the trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
On Maundy Thursday, the rites begin with the celebration of the Holy Mass in Coena Domini,followed by the procession de Sas Chilcas, i.e. the search for Jesus along the streets of the villageand in the churches where the Sepulchers are set up.
In the morning of Good Friday, the ceremony of S'Ingravamentu is celebrated, followed by theprocession de sa rughe and by the one with the sacred image of the Crucifix.The ceremony of S'Isgravamentu is celebrated in the evening; upon its end, the procession starts tomove back to the church of the Monastery.

The ceremony of Sas Chilcas is repeated on Holy Saturday.

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