Orani, Autunno in Barbagia

Orani, museo Nivola

Orani - Autunno in Barbagia
"Autunno in Barbagia",  promoted by ASPEN (Special Enterprise for the Economic Promotion of the Nuoro Are) of the Chamber of Commerce of Nuoro), is held in Orani and its objective is rediscovering the ancient traditions along  pathways developed in the historical center, through craftsman’s shops, wine cellars and typical gastronomic products
The "Cortes Apertas" event in Orani  offers guided tours to the discovery of ancient crafts such as – for instance - "sa cotta 'e su pane", "su mastro ‘e pannos", "su mastru 'e iscarpas", "su mastru 'erreri". 

In particular, Orani creates a close connection with art. Besides showing the activities of craftsmen who work iron and wood, confectioners, ceramists, and tailors, exhibitions have been organized of the works of Mario Delitala as well as extemporaneous paint exhibitions.
The international competition "imprentas de erru" (iron prints), which sees the participation of craftsmen and artists who forge iron in fire along the streets of the village is staged at the same time as Autunno in Barbagia. Furthermore, pathways are organized to rediscover the architectural richness of the village and of its churches in particular.