Musica sulle Bocche

Egberto Gismonti

At dawn on the beach of Rena Bianca, in the alleys of Santa Teresa historical center, a happy
marriage between music, culture and landscape.
Born in 2001, the festival has taken to the small town in Galllura not only artists of greatinternational value and fame but - mainly - it has been able to create a party of strongly originaltraits, which conjugates music and landscape, culture and tourism in a formula which has conqueredan always increasing number of spectators, without ever diminishing the quality of the artisticproposals.

Musica sulle Bocche is a sound river which flows from dawn until deep in the night and reaches notonly the squares and the streets, but also the beaches, the churches, the harbor and the ferries whichconnect to Bonifacio in Corsica. New places add up for the concerts every year, starting from thenow famous dawns on the beach of Rena Bianca up to the performances at sunset in the promontoryof Capo Testa. The collateral activities to the concerts multiply: from “jazz told to children", a greatsuccess in the previous editions, to the meetings with literature, cinema and photography .

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