Monumenti Aperti

Monumenti aperti, Cattedrale di Cagliari

At the discovery of the cultural heritage of Sardinia
Monumenti Aperti is an event which will guide the visitors to the discovery of the archeological, historical, artistic and environmental assets of towns and villages, through the opening and extraordinary organization of guided tours – led by volunteers -through both museums and monuments  . 

Monumenti Aperti was started in Cagliari with the aim of promoting the knowledge of the history as well as of the cultural heritage of its community. It reached its 14th edition in 2010 and is managed by the Municipality in cooperation – in its last edition – with the Imago Mundi association, with the participation of both schools and cultural associations. 

Throughout the years, the event extended to other capitals of the province and several minor centers in Sardinia.
The initiative involved, in different times and modalities, the municipalities of  Cagliari, Carbonia, Iglesias, Nuoro, Sanluri, Sassari, Tempio Pausania, Aggius, Aglientu, Alghero, Arbus, Assemini, Bortigiadas, Calangianus, Capoterra, Carloforte, Decimomannu, Dolianova, Elmas, Escolca, Gavoi, Gergei, Gesico, Lodine, Luogosanto, Luras, Mandas, Ollolai, Olmedo, Olzai, Oniferi, Ovodda, Pula, Quartu Sant'Elena, Sant'Antioco, Sardara, Sarroch, Sarule, Selegas, Sestu, Siurgus Donigala, Suelli, Tiana, Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola, Villa San Pietro, and Villanovafranca 

Furthermore, Monumenti Aperti originated interesting collateral initiatives such as – for instance – competitions linked to the same theme, or the Monumenti all'Aperto event in Quartu Sant'Elena.

Monumenti Aperti was born in Cagliari in 1997 by initiative of civil and cultural associations as well as of the Municipality of Cagliari, with the sponsorship of Regione Autonoma della Sardegna.
Managed and organized in cooperation with the Imago Mundi cultural association, nowadays it involves the local authorities of several centers in the regional territory.