Marina Café Noir

Edizione 2007. G. Loddo, N. Adamo, N. Macciò, P. Marcialis, Fortun de Sarau

The festival.

The Marina Cafè Noir festival is aimed at conjugating different languages and codes (namely:literature, music, theatre, cinema and visual), of having more several opportunities, attitudes andlooks at the world coexist.

The idea is joining the offer and opportunities given by a literature Festival (i.e. the presentations ofbooks, the meetings with the authors, the thematic debates and the writing workshops) to the spiritand originality of a musical festival and of a high-level theatre playbill, to make the talent of theartist involved cross within the production of new performances (whose largest part is made up bythe occasion of the Festival), under the suggestions and themes which are proposed every yearMarina Cafè Noir is a literature, music theatre and various arts carried out in the streets, squaresand informal spaces of the Marina neighborhood and of the Historical Center of Cagliari.