MAN in Nuoro

Giovanni Ciusa Romagna, Processione

Art Museum of the Province of Nuoro
Inaugurated in 1999, MAN, the art Museum of Nuoro, is located at the center of the town in a restructured 19th century palace, in a 600 m² space distributed on three floors. It hosts a noteworthy permanent collection and a set of temporary, thematic and historical exhibitions of the main artists of the 20th century. 

The permanent collection includes more than 400 works of prestigious Sardinian artists of the 20th century, amongst which Antonio Ballero, Giuseppe Biasi, Francesco Ciusa, Giovanni Ciusa Romagna, Mario Delitala, Carmelo Floris, Costantino Nivola, and is the custodian of the only existing collection of drawings and ceramics by Salvatore Fancello, as well as of the graphic corpus of the works developed by Giovanni Pintori. A whole section dedicated to the Art of Sardinia, which is well represented in the picture gallery, can be consulted in the near Municipal Library Sebastiano Satta. 

The yearly agenda of temporary exhibitions tends to valorize the experimentations in the different artistic fields, spacing from graphics to design, photography and computer-art.