La Sartiglia di Oristano

Le spettacolari acrobazie delle Pariglie durante la Sartiglia

  • The Sartiglia is one of the most spectacular and choreographic events of Sardinia's Carnival.
    The Sartiglia of Carnival's Sunday is deployed under the protection of Saint John the Baptist, and itsceremonial stages are organized and directed by the Gremio (a sort of guild) of the Farmers, whilston Tuesday the rites are directed by the Gremio of the carpenters, under Saint Joseph's protection.
    The protagonist is Cumponidori, the knight. The feast starts with the long ritual of his dressing,sitting on a wooden table. t the end of dressing, the knight will not be allowed to touch the grounduntil the end of the day. The women, "is Massaieddas", dress the knight in a white shirt, trousersand leather "cojettu” (a sort of vest which was used in the ancient times by the craftsmen as laborclothing), cover his visage with an androgynous mask which is kept still by a bandage, thenthey adorn his head with a bridal veil and a black top hat: man and woman at the same time, suComponidori becomes a sort of half-god.
    The knight is the master of the feast and - after parading with the assistance of the su SegunduComponidori and su Terzu Componidori (second and third knight) and blessing the crowd with "saPippia de Maju" (a bunch of periwinkles and violets, a symbol of Spring fertility) - has the task ofopening the context, being the first one to pierce a star hanging on a thread with his sword; he willthen select the knights who will have the honor to participate to the joust: the tradition wants theabundance or scarcity of the harvest to depend on the amount of stars which shall be pierced. Thelast race to the ring is made with "su stoccu", a wrought wooden rod.

    Before the races of the pairs of horses, which will continue in a row until sunset in the neighboringvia Mazzini, su Cumponidori - at the closing of the Sartiglia - shall have to test himself in "saremada": laying on his back on the back of the horse, he gallop along the track, blessing the crowd.

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