Festival Tuttestorie di Letteratura per Ragazzi

Un momento dell'edizione del 2006

Beastlike tales, visions and books

The festival, which is chaired by the Israeli writer David Grossman, has had as themes:
For its first edition le Grandi Domande (the Great Questions): "How many strawberries grow in thesea?” inspired to a nonsense rhyme by Gianni Rodari.
The second edition of the Festival had as theme "W la libretà! Disobedient tales, visions andbooks". "Libretà" is a wrong name (a game of words which cannot be translated into >English,playing between "Libertà" (Freedom) and "Libro" (Book) - Translator's Note), but which suggeststhat books and freedom are, if nor brothers, perhaps cousins.

The third edition, titled "Bestival. Beastlike tales, visions and books" was held in Cagliari. Twodays were dedicated to schools: 150 classes, from the nursery schools to the high schools of thewhole Sardinia participated to the different types of activities proposed: meetings with Italian andforeign writers and illustrators, events of story-telling, music, poetry and scientific workshops.