Festa della letteratura e delle arti

Asuni, veduta del paese

Literature and art in AsuniLiterature and Arts party

Up to some years ago, Asuni, a 400-inhabitant village in the Marmilla di Oristano, in Sardinia,was sharing the same fate of the many small municipalities destined to extinguish because ofits continuous depopulation. In 2004, though, the Municipal Authority and the Associazione SuDisterru (formed by writers and intellectuals of Sardinia, many of whom residing outside theisland) generated a synergy which gave birth to the "Asuni Project", which represents a new, viabledevelopment model through cultural investment.

Hence, an appointment with the great international poetry, contemporary writing, visual art andmusic. All this distributed through a pathway which enables to appreciate the frame and theenvironmental context, from the archeological site of the domus de janas to the lollas, i.e. theancient farming houses which are now abandoned and deserted and which - n these days - turn intoan ideal space to host the interventions of the artists.