Carnevale di Tempio Pausania

Il carnevale di Tempio Pausania

Tempio Pausanias's Carnival starts the last Thursday before Lent with the triumphant entry in townof King George, represented by a moppet. The wedding between King George and the commonbirth Mannena is celebrated on Sunday; as the tradition wants, Mannena will give the king a sonwho will be King George for the next Carnival. For six days, King George is shouted hurrah,honored and flattered, but on Shrove Tuesday, guilty of representing all the evil of the town, he isput on trial and burnt on the public square.

The Carnival closes with the blaze of King George; the crowd waits for the verdict to release aliberating clap: burning at the stake, the moppet will carry with him all the trouble which hit thetown in the course of the year.

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