Carnevale di Santu Lussurgiu

Una pariglia lungo Sa carrela 'e nanti

"Sa Carrela 'e nanti "

Santu Lussurgiu Carnival is characterized by the race of the pairs of horses called "Sa Carrela 'enanti" ("the street you have in front": the race has been named after the street where the event istraditionally deployed, today via Roma). Amongst the most reckless and spectacular ones in theIsland, the hose race of Santu Lussurgiu calls the whole community around it: there is not only theshow offered by the bold acrobatics of the horses, but also the participation of the crowd, whichopens a moment before the arrival of the racing horses to close immediately after their passage.
"Sa carrela 'e nanti" is an approximately 1-km long road - made a dirt road for this occasion -which is characterized by steep downs and ups, curves and bottlenecks which articulates along thenarrow streets of the historical center of the village, in the neighborhood called Biadorru (the wayback), in particular in via Roma.
In compliance with the tradition, the knights, who are rigorously from SantuLussurgiu, must wear amask and their visage must be painted. "Sa mascherada", i.e. the knight's garments, is rich in colorsand fantasy. It may remind the Spanish costumes, the jockey’s coats, recall the ancient custom ofthe village, or even represent other, more current characters.

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