Carnevale di Orotelli

Un Thurpu si annerisce il viso

The protagonists of Orotelli's Carnival are the Thurpos, who stage different situations linked to thefarmers' tradition. Their visage is uncovered; they wear velvet clothes, the leather bootlegs ("soscambales"), a long black coarse woolen overcoat ("su gabbanu"), which was once used by theshepherds in winter.On their shoulders, they carry a bandoleer of cowbells; their visage is covered with soot and ishidden by a large hood which comes down to the nose.
During the parade, suddenly Sos Thurpos throw themselves to the public, involving them intothe "game”. Miming the behavior of the oxen, they capture some unmasked acquaintance andoblige him to buy them drinks.

On Shrove Tuesday, the roles reverse and it will be the Thurpos' turn to offer drinks to thespectators. The event is concluded in the village's square, where everybody participates to su ballude Sos Thurpos.

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