Carnevale di Orani

La maschera di su Bundu

The Carnival starts on January 16th, at the eve of the holiday of Sant’Antonio, with the lighting ofthe bonfires in the different neighborhoods. The protagonist of Orani's Carnival is su Bundu (sosBundos), a mask which wears the typical farmer clothes: a large long overcoat, the shirt, the velvettrousers and the leather bootlegs. The mask which covers his visage is in red-colored cork, withlong horns, a large nose, pointed beard and moustaches, representing a being which is half humanand half animal. During the parade, the Bundos mime the rite of sowing, holding “su trivuthu", awooden pitchfork and accompanying it with ritual gestures and a great clamor.

The feast begins when the Bundos visit the traditional bonfires and the masks are offered “supistiddu", the typical cake of these feasts, which is blessed during the parade. The cake is alsooffered to all the attendees and taken to the houses of the sick people, to thirteen people in the nameof Saint Anthony.

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