Carnevale di Oniferi

Un suonatore di corno durante il carnevale

In Oniferi, the Carnival's celebrations start on January 16th, at the holyday of Sant'Antonio. Bonfires
in honor of the saint are lit in the neighborhoods of the village, whilst the traditional dances start inthe square.
The protagonists of Oniferi's carnival are "sos Maimones", typical masks who - unlike othercharacters of Barbagia carnivals, do not cover their visage with wooden disguises, but make itunrecognizable through the soot obtained from burned cork.
After the blessing of the fire and the lighting of the bonfires, the masks tour the village taking ananthropomorphic moppet on the back of a donkey, to represent the man who labors in the field.His visage consists of a leave of prickly pear attached on a demijohn or on “sa lama'e su latte"(the metal vessel to transport milk on the back of the donkeys). They are both covered by a coarsewoolen fabric cloak ("su saccu").The mask of su Maimone travels from house to house accepting the genuine Sardinian hospitalityand loading "sas bertulas", pack-saddles in coarse woolen fabric with rich Carnival cakes and anyother delicacy which - together with the wine poured into the demijohn - may be used to feast.

Then, the food is consumed by the whole community in the square - between dances on the soundof the mouth or bellows organ accompanied by the a tenores singing.

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