Carnevale di Olzai

Sos Murronarzos, tipiche maschere del carnevale di Olzai

The particularity of Olzai's carnival is that it continues past the traditional closing date of theCarnival events: the feat continues until the subsequent Sunday.The protagonists of Olzai’s Carnival are three different masks, amongst which only men originallyused to hide:Sos Intintos. Typical of Ash Wednesday, they are dressed with "zippone e antalera", with theirvisages are soiled in black, disguised as widows mourning for the death of Carnival.Sos Murronarzos. They wear clothes in coarse woolen fabric and cowbells; they use to soil theirvisage with burnt cork; originally, they covered it with real pig or boar snouts, which are replacedtoday by wooden masks. They always parade in pairs.Sos Maimones. Half-man and half-moppet of woman features; they have four arms, four legs andtwo heads. They are particularly cheerful explicit masks which personify human fertility.

The character-moppet Zuanne Martis Sero - thus called because it was born on Tuesday night - isburnt in the square in the evening of Ash Wednesda

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