Carnevale di Lula

Su Battileddu, la vittima, protagonista del Carnevale di Lula

The protagonist mask of Lula's carnival is su Battileddu, the victim. he is dressed with sheep or
mutton hides, his visage is dirty with soot and blood, his head is covered with a black femininehandkerchief; he is wearing a headgear with goat, cow or deer horns, between which a goat stomach("sa 'entre ortata") is arranged. On his chest, he carries the “marrazzos" (cowbells), on his belly -half hidden by the cowbells - he carries "su chentu puzone", an ox stomach filled with blood andwater, which is perforated from time to time to wet the land and fertilize the fields.
Su Battileddu is followed on his way by the Battileddos Gattias, men disguised as widows, whowear male bootlegs. These masks dandle a rag doll, which they hand out to the young women inthe crowd asking them to milk her, while they intone “sos attitos", funeral melodies in honor of theCarnival victim.
The parade is followed by sos Battileddos Massajos, the keepers of livestock, dressed like farmers,in this case the "keepers of the victim. Their visage is soiled with soot, and they carry goadsand “socas", leather strings, by which they tie the victim to strike him repeatedly, tug and drag himuntil he "dies".

Su Battileddu, who is considered crazy, is kept tied and still by the Battileddos Massajos, while thespectators try to sting su chentu puzone to let blood out, with which they soil their visage. When thevictim falls on the ground, somebody shouts “l'an mortu, Deus meu, l'an irgangatu!" (they killedhim, my God, they cut his throat) but a glass of wine is sufficient to resuscitate him. The widowsstage the funeral with scurrilous gestures and moaning.Then Battileddu is put on a cart to represent rebirth, and the feast can start.

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