Carnevale di Lodine



Lodine's Carnival is on Ash Wednesday (Merhulis de Lessia) and its protagonist is a puppet witha wooden mask whose features are either of a character in the community who distinguished him/herself for a behavior which was not well accepted by the village, or of a national or internationalcharacter who drew attention to him/herself with negative connotations.
The puppet is accompanied by a parade formed by a numerous group of men (Sas Umpanzias),most of whom are disguised as widows with the traditional local clothes and the painted visage,who stage a sort of funeral.
The parade carries the puppet, which is mocked and jeered at, from house to house, where the partyis offered wine, bread, cakes and other food (mainly sausages), which will enrich the banquet set upin the occasion of the trial, after which the puppet shall be sentenced to be burnt at the stake.

In compliance with the tradition, the sole wooden mask shall be saved from the flames, to bepreserved and exhibited in the parades of the forthcoming carnivals.

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