Carnevale di Lodè

Lodè, il centro storico

Carraseccare Lodeinu

In Lodè, a small village locates between the territories of Barbagia and Baronie, at the foot ofMonte Albo, in the East Coast of the Islands, Carnival is characterized by the parade of typicalmasks: Sas Mascaras Nettas and Sas Mascaras Bruttas.
Sas Mascaras Nettas (clean masks) are dumb and - even though they wear either male or femaleclothes - they can be represented by men only. The multicolored bodice, which is worn on thereverse, and the headgear - which is traditionally filled with rags and embellished by a broad shawl,whose fringes are let go down until the cover the visage, are particularly original.

In Lodé tradition, sas Mascaras Nettas walk in pairs, accompanied by Marrazzaju (the cowbellplayer) with the aim of "arresting" a person they find from time to time amongst the crowd. If a manis followed, he has to try to flee home or to a given target; if he manages to, he can consider himselffree. On the other hand, if a woman is found, a ritual starts, which must be considered a great honor.Whilst sas Mascaras Nettas stop at a few meters from the young woman, su Marrazzaju, shakingthe cowbells, turns three times around her and stops in front of her, bowing his head as a sign ofappreciation. At this point, the chosen one is taken arm in arm and accompanied home by the threemasks, where she offers them wine and sweets, before being seen back to the point where she wasbeen taken.

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