Carnevale di Fonni

Le maschere di s'Urthu e sos Buttudos sfilano per le vie del paese

Fonni Carnival is characterized by the ancient masks of s'Urthu and sos Buttudos, which representman's everyday fight against the elements of nature. S'Urthu is dressed in mutton or billy-goat hidesof either white or black color, he carries a large cowbell tied around his neck, his face is blackenedby carbonized cork ("s'inthiveddu"), and he is kept at the leash with a noisy iron chain. Sos Buttudoswear a coarse woolen fabric overcoat on top of velvet clothes, leather boots and bootlegs, andcowbells ("sonaggias") on their shoulders.

S'Urhtu, the bear, fights continuously trying to free itself from the chains, attacking the men andthings it meets on his way, climbing everywhere, on the trees and on the balconies, instigated topounce on the people, and mainly on the young women, who undergo its exuberance, while sosButtudos try to tame it.Besides s'Urthu and sos Buttudos, which are male masks, the protagonists of Fonni's Carnivalare sas Mascaras Limpias. Personified by both men and women, sas Mascaras Limpias representelegance and beauty and wear parts of the traditional Fonni's feminine costume.

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