Carnevale di Bosa

Il rogo del fantoccio di Gioldzi

Bosa Carnival starts one week before last Thursday before Lent (lardazholu or laldaggiolu), whensome masked groups go from a house to another one asking "sa palte 'e cantare?"; during thisvisits, they improvise satirical songs based on the structures of traditional songs such as the "gosos"and "trallallera", receiving in exchange meat, sausage, cheese, fruit and cakes which are useful toset up the Dinner.
Shrove Tuesday is dedicated to the parade, whose main characters are Gioldzi (King George, thesymbol of Carnival, represented by a rag puppet with a barrel as belly) and the "s'attittidu" (funerallamentation) masks. From the very first hours in the morning, the participants invade the streets,and the Attittadoras - fully dressed in black - mourn the death of Gioldzi, creating a special soundeffect and letting their lamentations echo throughout the village.

Also the spectators are involved into the parade: the Attittadoras ask the public “unu tikkirigheddude latte" (a drop of milk) for the newborn Gioldzi, who has been abandoned by his mother,distracted by the feast. At sunset, the scene changes: the masks of the Attittadoras disappear to leavetheir place to the white masks, i.e. the souls of the Carnival which is about to end. The visage ofthe participants is blackened by the ashes of burnt cork, and they hold in their hands a wicker basketwhich contains a candle or a lantern. The run throughout the streets looking for Gioldzi and - oncethey find it - they burn the puppet which represent it at the stake.

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