Cada die teatro, Ogliastra teatro, Festival dei Tacchi

Pitzinnos Fahrenheit, Chisciotte-fenicottero

The theatre festival Ogliastra Teatro, promoted and organized by Cada die teatro, is developed inthe first days of August in the municipalities of Jerzu and Ulassai.The artistic proposal stimulates the population and the spectators to a reflection on the synergybetween art and environment, to the respect and valorization of their own artistic, cultural andenvironmental assets. Therefore: several events: theatre actions in the territory; theatre productionprojects born for the territory which develop in the natural sites; theatre workshops and seminarswhich develop in the days which precede the festival and also during it; meetings and moments ofreflection, as well as significant conventions on the most relevant themes connected to the socialfunction of theatre and to the relationship between the show-business and the promotion of theterritory.

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