Carnevale di Gavoi, maschere tradizionali

Carnival in Sardinia has many charming visages. The ancient one of the suggestive Barbagia carnivals which – with their ancestral anthropomorphic and zoomorphic masks, the goat skin clothes, coarse woolen fabrics and cowbells – evoke mysterious rites, propitiatory dances and a close relationship between men and animals. The vibrating atmosphere of the riding carnivals, such as the one held in Oristano ("Sa Sartiglia"), where the riders must string a metal star as an omen for a good harvest, and the one of Santulussurgiu ("Sa Carrela 'e nanti") where the riders show their valor, courage and skills challenging each other in temerarious races throughout the town center. Or, also,  the irreverent one of Tempio, where the mock-up of King George is put on trial and burned at the stake; without forgetting the symbology of disguises in Bosa. Since the late nineteen eighties, Sardinia is in the agenda of the lovers of jazz, blues and Afro-American music. The island hosts the concerts of the best Italian and international artists in a particularly suggestive and beautiful natural stage. Festivals such as "Time in Jazz" in Berchidda, "Rocce Rosse e Blues" in Ogliatra, "Musica sulle Bocche" in Santa Teresa Gallura, "Calagonone Jazz" in Dorgali, "Narcao Blues" in Narcao, the historical "Ai Confini tra Sardegna e Jazz" (at the Borders between Sardinia and Jazz) in Sant'Anna Arresi and, in November, Jazz in Sardegna and  European Jazz Expo in Cagliari have nowadays become appointments none can miss.