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Bes: Culture as a factor of local sustainable development

The Bes Association inherited the activities and tools of the Bes project, which was developed between August 2006 and October 2008.

The Bes project, which was co-financed by the European Union, generated from the Tender for the awarding of the activities relevant to “design, implementation and management of the promotion and marketing of cultural and show-business events” called by Regione Autonoma Sardegna within the framework of the activities of POR Sardegna 2000-2006-Misura 2.3, referred to “structures and services for cultural activities”. The Association was born on June 26th 2008 in the aim of pursuing and further developing the activities deployed within the project, with the direct participation of several Public Authorities and of the cultural Associations (to date, a total of 38 of them) in charge of the most significant cultural and identity-related events in Sardinia.

The activities of this Network was born from the need for coordinated operations between said Local Authorities and Associations, thus uniting actions and tools in a logic shared with the institutions of Regional Government in the sector, in order to foster a new capacity of making out of the culture attractor a significant factor for the sustainable development of the regional territory.

Bes propose themselves, - therefore – as creators and facilitators of lines and tools of intervention aimed at the best possible promotion of identity-related and show-business events in Sardinia as “new cultural attractors” who can “motivate” an educated, sensitive “voyager” to Sardinia, if deeply interested to witness the cultural and environment realities of the territory, in a relationship which will respect the values of the local community.

Proposals which are bound to involve the Culture and Tourism Departments of the Regional Council since – if shared – they may become instruments of the regional policies referred to culture and tourism, as well as to the local sustainable development.

Bes welcomes those cultural and show-business events in Sardinia which have been held for several years and are strongly marked by a symbolic and identity-related value, or by the cultural connotation between local identity and national and/or international exchange.

Uniting the efforts and promotional programs of the several extraordinary events which characterize Sardinia throughout the year means strengthening communication at both national and international level – i.e.  beyond the boundaries of the region – to such unique heritage, of great cultural and symbolic value, thus enabling millions of “travelers” who do not know Sardinia yet, or who know it only for the extraordinary beauty of its sea, to approach a journey to the Island starting also from different motivations, such as the “culture and identity” attractor. i.e. to discover and meet the deepest soul of both the territory and its populations, even if out of season, perhaps even with no need to start from the sea. Or also, discovering that – besides the sea – there is such soul, in the sounds, in the festivals, in the art exhibitions, in the rites of the Holy Week, in the identity carnivals, in the literary or theatre festivals,   nourished by unique, extraordinary landscapes: a soul to be approached in a genuine relationship, with discretion and respect.

Bes offers its cooperation and tools to all the local operators, first of all, and then to all the national or worldwide ones, who intend to “invest” in this direction, by setting up and proposing packages, pathways, guided visits and new opportunities of seizing the event or the identity-related happening in an area of Sardinia, in order to know the territory, its traditions, its archeological, landscape environmental, wine, food and craftsmanship wealth. Through its website, the Association intends to collect and stimulate proposals from those operators who are tuned to these objectives.

Bes Intends to speak to those people – In Italy and the world over – who can be attracted by a unique cultural heritage  and identity-related experiences, besides by the crystalline sea of Sardinia, and that are seriously motivated to find their way through the identity-related and show-business events which take place there,  so that all the information shall be available before traveling, up to – if required -  the reservation of visits, accommodation and services through the links to the reception and cultural service operators the site shall make available.

For these activities, the site ideally connects, uses and updates the material produced  with the direct participation of the people who were previously involved in both the events and territories for the Bes Project institutional website developed for  The Regional Council of Sardinia, namely:  www.sardegnacultura.it/grandieventi ;  focusing  attention  and a special connection aimed at serving both the public of  potential users of the events and services and to the tourism, cultural, wine, food and craftsmanship operators throughout the territory.

The website shall be progressively upgraded with new modes to receive your requests, comments and remarks.

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